Elopement at Private Vermont Residance

Julia and Alejandro | Elopement

You know those perfect wedding days that you see in movies? You know the ones; the daughter has met an amazing man to spend her life with. She comes back to her childhood home to get dressed in her bedroom. Mom makes the dress, Dad greets her at the bottom of the stairs, well this is it!

Julia and Alex met in Mexico. After waiting, anxiously, for the papers to come thru from immigration I got the call from Julia’s Mom, Sue. “Can you come photograph Julia and Alex’s civil wedding?!” Of-course I said Yes and when!

All the special meaningful details through out this day just melt my heart. The bride’s Mother, Sue is a very creative and talented lady! Sue made Julia’s amazing tea length dress. The lace details over the illusion netting are from Sue’s own wedding gown. She also crochet Julia’s delicate little shall and sewed the little grey flannel suit the ring bearer, Snoopy is wearing!(Because both families love Snoopy!) Alex’s tie is borrowed from Chris, Julia’s Dad. (Which was a pretty funny moment to witness as Julia approved a handful for Alex to select from.)

It’s always such an honor to be a part of weddings that are this special. Sometimes the simplest events are the most beautiful. I’ll be sharing more of these cuties after their wedding reception party this summer at the Old Lantern Inn and Barn!

Sue puts the finishing touches on Julia's handmade wedding dress

The lace details are from the Mother of the Bride's dress.

As I was taking a few detail photos of Julia's dress, I looked up to catch her taking a peek at herself in the mirror.

Selecting ties for the Groom to wear.

Sue said "I remember buckeling you shoes when you were a little girl". Yep. That got my eyes teared up a bit.

Julia's boquet is wrapped with one of her Grandmother's gloves, so she can hold her hand.

Snoopy, the ring bearer, looking dashing in his hand made flannel suit.


The couple does the "Snoopy dance" down the aisle to the Peanuts theme song, "Linus and Lucy".

There's just something about the joy on Julia's face! I just love this image!

An adorable Snoopy wedding topper on a Mirabelle's Cafe coconut-lime cake. Yes, it's amazing!

Just before everyone headed out to the Essex Resort and Spa for dinner, the Dad's cleaned up the cake crumbs. I thought this was a cute moment.

The wedding book Julia and Alex found in Mexico to record memories of their wedding celebrations.