Whimsical Shelburne Farms engagement session in fresh Vermont snow.

Jennifer and Tyler | Engagement

engegement piggy backThe morning of Jennifer and Tyler’s engagement session I awoke and dashed to the window and did a little happy dance, fresh snow!! After a very large and hot cup of coffee, I was off to Shelburne Farms to meet up with these cuties!

I was warned in advance that Tyler’s family likes to play the clothespin game. Have you heard of it? There are a few different versions. Ty’s family plays the version where the goal is to put as many clothespins on someone without them noticing. Sounds fun right? So off I went to Michael’s craft store to search for some fun clothes pins to add to our session. I was in luck and came across a package of Valentine’s Day themed pink, red, and white, tiny clothes pins! Just perfect to pin to Jen’s engagement ring for a few unique detail shots.

Jen raided the sale rack at HomeGood’s to find the snugly grey blanket and the pair of green coffee mugs. She also found the framed chalkboard to showcase their wedding date and green distressed aluminum marquee letter “B” (in honor of her soon-to-be new last name!) Arn’t they great? I just love it when folks come with some props to help showcase their style!

These two were up for just about anything, and with Valentine’s day in a few days, we had a lot of inspiration to work with! Run with Jen on your back Ty! Sure! Climb on top of the hay wagon with your fur-baby, Veyda. Why not!? Snuggle in the snow, while I make a giant heart in the snow… Love too!   I have a feeling the wedding day is going to be fun day!

See you in a few months at Mountain Meadows Lodge, Killington, Vermont!!